Ram ProMaster City - The Pinnacle of Convenience

The Ram ProMaster City Cargo Van has a reputation for convenience and dependability. It features a cargo capacity of just over 131 cubic feet, with an interior cargo space 48.4 inches across, and 87.2 inches long with nearly vertical walls, you can forklift in a loaded pallet without having to break it down. The rear 60/40 split doors open wide and out of your way, and the low floor makes loading and unloading easier. Add to that 2,000 pounds of towing capacity and you can haul equipment and supplies for the big jobs.

For hauling heavy loads in bad weather, over icy or wet roads, the ProMaster City uses cutting-edge technology to monitor movement several times a second. If the system senses a problem, it automatically makes adjustments to keep you safe and on course.

For crowded city driving, the front-wheel-drive makes it nimble, and the tight turn radius makes it maneuverable. The high-mounted halogen headlights turn night into day, and the ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera allows you to back up safely.

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