The 2019 Ram 1500 is Durable and Tough

The Ram 1500 remains a popular light-duty truck for its strength and durability. The 1500 can handle the toughest of jobs thanks to the heavy-duty steel frame, reinforced front frame and eight cross-member construction. When on slick or rough terrain, you need not worry about losing control of the Ram 1500. The anti-locking brake system prevents lock-ups on all four wheels to enable you to make corrections as needed.

Choose a traditional gas or a diesel-powered engine. Either way, you get enough power to easily tow loads weighing up to 10, 620 pounds. Along with a powerful engine, the Ram 1500 features air suspension and an eight-speed transmission to make achieving the work task possible. The many features that the Ram 1500 possesses make towing and carrying heavy loads easier than ever before. See how the Ram 1500 can make your life easier. See the new trucks at McCall Motors.



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