Staying Safe on The Road

When you have your family in a Dodge Caravan, you can drive with the knowledge that there are several features keeping everyone safe while on the road. There are seven airbags in the vehicle in the event that you were to get involved in an accident while driving in Ebensburg, PA.

A backup camera gives you a clear view as to what's behind your vehicle. There are also warning alarms that let you know if there is something behind you that you can't see. The camera is activated as soon as you put the van in reverse. McCall Motors can adjust the settings of the camera before you get on the road.

While driving with your children in the van, the LATCH system ensures that car seats are secure and that they are placed correctly each time you put the seats in the van. Child door locks prevent children from opening the doors when they are in the vehicle, keeping them inside at all times.

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