Lack of Coolant

Whether you see smoke coming from under your hood or you notice your temperature gauge rising, these signs often mean that your engine is overheating. You need to determine the cause as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to your vehicle.

A common reason that your engine could be overheating would be if there is a leak in the coolant system. The proper flow of coolant can't get to your engine so that it doesn't get too hot. McCall Motors can examine the hoses and the radiator to determine if this is the issue.

If there isn't enough coolant or if the balance of coolant to water is wrong, then this could cause your engine to overheat as well. There could be a blockage in one of the hoses that doesn't allow the coolant to reach the engine to keep it cool enough. Any amount of dirt or debris can get locked into the hoses and cause a blockage that would need to be repaired.

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