Does the Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan Cover Towing Charges?

Since the invention of the automobile, towing cars out of ditches, or along roads after a break down occurred regularly. Today, the towing industry reports more towing events than ever before. Don’t’ be caught off guard during an emergency without the money to get a tow.

The Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan covers towing costs up to $100 per occurrence. For most drivers, the thought of getting a tow is far from their minds as they drive around Ebensburg, PA or along the highway on a family vacation. Those who have the Mopar Vehicle Protection plan need not worry about carrying cash or having their identity stolen merely because they have a small breakdown.

Come to McCall Motors to learn about the advantages of the Mopar Roadside Assistance program and how the act of “sign and go” helps keep a trip safe and worry-free.

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