The Jeep Cherokee Uses Intelligent Sensors for Safety

There are many aspects of the Jeep Cherokee's safety features that we here at McCall Motors, Inc. believe should be highlighted for you.

Among the many different ways, the Cherokee can have a positive impact on your driving abilities is the many different ways the sensors found throughout this model that can improve driving and parking abilities. The complete stop system is in place to make your driving experience in Ebensburg, PA as easy as possible with the system in place throughout the cruise control and parking system. In terms of cruise control, the complete stop system is used to make sure your vehicle can cruise through traffic without the problems of stopping and starting when in traffic.

When your Jeep Cherokee believes a collision is possible in traffic, the sensors be alerted and your Cherokee will come to a complete stop. A similar system is in place when you attempt to parallel park with warnings sounding when your Cherokee gets too close to another vehicle or object in Ebensburg, PA.

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